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Hello there!

This is a work in Progress

The styling for the site is in progress so this is going to look messy for awhile. Please bear with me, thanks.

I'm Todd. I am a Senior Accessibility Engineer and also an Invited Expert at the W3C. This is my personal site where I write and document what I am doing, where I am speaking, or what conferences I'll be attending. Tech has been a huge part of my life for over forty years from when I started with Commodore BASIC (and other flavors of BASIC) and Scheme, and now with React, JavaScript, and Accessibility.

I am looking at shifting left in the next phase of my career and getting into Developer Advocacy. So I am diving in, as I do with mostly everything else, head first and see where this is going to lead. I am excited about the chances and opportunities I have ahead of me.

Other things I do.

My focus is on Accessibility. It is very important to me and I do advocate for accessibility. Accessibility is something everyone in tech/web needs to practice and implement. I try and educate and advocate for that as well as making the web inclusive and accessible for all.

I stream over on Twitch, I host a podcast, the Front End Nerdery Podcast. I write articles for publication and I have written articles for Smashing Magazine and CSS-Tricks, and I love food and cooking. Especially lobster and lobster rolls.