About Me


Hi, I'm Todd. I am a Senior Front End Developer and Lead Technical Support Specialist at Agency Revenue Tools in Conway, New Hampshire. I do work on the company website and our web application. I am designing a design system and accessibility handbook for the company.

I have over twenty years of experience with the web. It all started with seeing a Commodore PET running Oregon Trail in fifth grade. That fascination with moving pixels on a computer screen led to a Commodore64 and the user manual that came with it and programming in BASIC.

I have a passion for the web and making things on the web. Taking things apart and re-building them. I am interested in a lot of different things, mainly outdoors, food, and travel. Photography, typography, design and User Experience. Web conferences and meeting people in the web industry.

My goals in life are to find a home at an agency or firm and finish out my days in web development there. I have worked with many different people and places on projects, and the list of clients whom I have done work for in some capacity is long but I can send a list if anyone is interested. They are not current or even recent projects though and the work is not on the web anymore (though it may be on the Wayback Machine).

Thanks for reading and use the contact form to get in touch so we can talk about whatever questions you may have or maybe about me filling a role at your company. I am also willing (very willing if it a warm climate) to relocate.

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