About Me


Hi, I'm Todd. I am a Senior Frontend Developer and Lead Technical Support Specialist at Agency Revenue Tools in Conway, New Hampshire.

I have a passion for the web and making things on the web. Taking things apart and building them back together, if not better. I am interested in a lot of different things, mainly outdoors and travel. Photography and typography. Design and User Experience. Food and people.

My goals in life are to find a home in a agency or firm and finish out my days in web development there. I have worked with many different people and places on projects, and the list of clients whom I have done work for in some capacity is long but I can send a list if anyone is itnerested. They are not current or even recent projects though.a11y

I am self-taught 100%. I started learning BASIC and now I am learning all sorts of new technologies like Ember and Vue. Even React for the sole reason as to use Gatsby.

Here's how this site runs;

Thanks for reading and use the contact form to get in touch so we can talk about me filling a role at your company. I am also willing (very willing if it a warm climate) to relocate.