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Welcome to the Front End Nerdery Podcast. I’m your host, Todd Libby and I am glad you could join me. For this inaugural episode, this will be a short introduction into what you can expect from this podcast.

The Front End Nerdery Podcast is a podcast focused on front end development but from time-to-time, we’ll talk about other spaces of web design and development such as User Experience, Back End Development, Design Systems, and much more.

I’ll be talking to guests from all around the web about what they do and what they love about their work. The first season will start next year in January 2021. I hope to have some guests to talk to and will be looking to keep the episodes under an hour.

I am not sure what the frequency of episodes will be. Right now, I only plan to have monthly episodes as I am trying to keep costs down to a minimum unless sponsorship comes along as to where I am able to afford transcribing and audio editing. I plan to do these things by myself, so therein lies the challenge to keep costs limited.

Episodes will run uninterrupted for the time being. I want to make this as authentic and as natural flowing a podcast as possible. I may even throw in a few analogies or stories about lobsters, for all of you who know me and are guessing if I would do that or not. I mean, why disappoint?

I plan to reach out and try to get my first guest booked shortly. Until then, it’s a secret as to whom that may be. I am not going to spoil it and I certainly won’t give away any clues. I think it is fitting that this person be my first guest. So hopefully they will agree.

Until then, thanks for stopping by. Please subscribe and star these episodes as soon as they are released. You can find out more about me at my website or on Twitter, where I am @toddlibby. Thanks for listening and see you next time.