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An Open Challenge

To Tech Event Organizers

I have an open challenge to you if your event(s) are very heavily focused on alcohol.

Leave it for after the day ends.

Why does there have to be an element of booze at your event? Why can't the event be alcohol-free for the day? Then after that, you can go get your drink on.

Why do events have to have an element of alcohol in them?

Booths with code and beer, bottles of booze, I just don't understand. I'm not saying you need to or have to abstain and getting up on a pulpit to preach a alcohol-free gospel.


Why do I challenge you? Simple. Can you keep the event alcohol-free for people who may have faith and cultural beliefs and do not partake? Recovering alcoholics that are not as open about it as I am?

What about people who just get tired of seeing people act like complete asses in a public venue when they are liquored up way past their point of handling booze?

Do you have problems that YOU need alcohol becaue you are dependent on it? Look inward and ask yourselves are you partaking too much? Of course you'll say no, but if you're feeling like shit the day after or even days later or even a week later when you're not in the environment, you may want to talk to someone.

I want organizers to read this part very closely.

What if someone attending your event is struggling to stay away from the alcohol? Is the after party worth it when it could jeopardize someone's mental health, sobriety, physical health, or more? Is the party crowd and the drinking culture really worth it?

Will it take someone getting taken to a hospital or worse to get organizers to wake the fuck up? THINK about that. Has it happened? I don't know. i haven't heard of any such situation at an event, but it doesn't mean it can't happen. Because it can.

Sit Down and Shut Up!

Go have your foofy mocktail and shut up, Buzz Killington!

Is that what you're thinking dear reader? Or maybe you're agreeing? If you're agreeing, what reasons do you have? Do you let organizers know?

I was at a place last night (as of this writing) that had all sorts of fancy bottles, different shapes, different colors that sparkled in the night club air... it looks glamorous, I know.

I can walk away. I have the tools to help me get out of a situation I feel uncomfortable in. There may be someone who doesn't posess those tools and doesn't know what to do. Then what? They might feel excluded. They may feel uncomfortable. You may have lost someone who doesn't want to attend your event anymore.

Does It Matter?

Sure it does! Do you really want to make anyone that attends your event feel excluded or unwanted or uncomfortable? I don't think any organizaer does. Or at least most organizers.

The attendees make your event because without them, without ticket sales, you have nothing.

Sponsors drive the event. Attendees make the event. So why do you want to exclude a certain percentage of your attendee population? You don't.

So I challenge you to keep the booze out. Save it for after. Give the attendees an option or, like I, we will do it ourselves. We shouldn't have to, but we will.