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My First Week At Knowbility

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Well, my first day was the usual day of paperwork and chaos with some family issues. I started a week earlier, so to keep my mind off things that I cannot control outside of myself. This was Monday.

Tuesday was a team meeting where I got to meet a lot of folks and see some folks I had interviewed with and met already. Eric, Sharron, Kim, and Emily. I was welcomed warmly and I felt something I hadn't felt before working within a team. Welcomed and valued. It was different, yet it felt like I was home.

Wednesday was a day off of sorts. I finished filling out the last of the paperwork, and had to go see my father at the rehab center he is currently at. Thursday I will be shadowing and just lurking and getting familiarized with the process and I have some reading to do as well.

At some point, I have to pinch myself because it all seems like a dream but it is in fact, not a dream. I couldn't be any more happier.

The Present

I'll be jumping in more in the following weeks and going forward, I am eager, anxious (in a good way), and excited to get going even more and contribute more. Hopefully I cna get into more speaking and writing roles as well.

Accessibility has been a focus for all my career, even more the last decade and even more advocating in the past 2-3 years. I plan to do a lot more, and now that I am with an accessibility-focused company, multiply that tenfold.

I am beyond thrilled at this point.

The Future

The future looks great. I already have the feeling like I am home in a company that values its people. That it's juts not a 9-5 grind, that they value their people and their well-being.

I hope to be a part of Knowbility for a very long time. I have about 10-15 years left in me. 20 if I am lucky and I think this part of the ride into the sunset is going to be the best one yet.