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<section> is the New <div>

Remember when…

We used to have tables for layouts? Then we had the trusty div element and it took off like a rocket! you see div soup as far as the eyes can see.

A man with a blue shirt scanning the distance for something.

So since this craze started taking hold, many developers are grabbing the reins and sowing the seeds in the fields of web pages with divs. Planting and nurturing them until their web site blooms fully. A garden of divs for everyone to see.

Then the accessibility people said, "Wait a minute. Try not to use so many divs. They hold no semantic meaning and use semantic HTML elements like section it is much better for accessibility." Then the gardeners that are the developers started using the section element, and planting those seeds. And planting them. And planting them.

Now we have a garden, not only overflowing with div elements, but that same garden we call the Web is not choking with the overplanting of section elements.

Know When To Hold 'Em