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User Defenders Book Club

It was a pleasure being a part of this discussion about a book I really liked. Mike Monteiro's Ruined By Design. Have a look at the video below and join User Defenders for more community events and more book club discussions!

This took place in November of 2019, I was just getting around to posting this after the holidays, new year, busy times and lots of stuff going on in life. My book club companions for the discussion are Jason Ogle and Ross Beitzel.

I joined in a bit late, I had just gotten back into the office after my afternoon workout , which explains my disheveled look.

This was my first ever foray into being online in this capacity, so please forgive the looking up at absolutely nothing, I have the worst habit in the world of doing that when I am trying to find things to say and thinking of words to use. Enjoy the video and become a patron today!