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User Defenders Live Podcast at An Event Apart Denver

If you follow me on Twitter then you know I was at An Event Apart in October out in Denver, Colorado. I was asked to video this panel of wonderful people for the User Defenders Live Podcast by Jason Ogle.

I happily accepted and shot this all on my iPhone 11 Max Pro. I'm glad the video came out as well as it did and I am glad I was there to see this podcast live.

When hiring and seeking out talent that is diverse for your teams, try keeping that diverse talent and retaining those people. Why do so many folks leave design and business when they have brought in a wealth of knowledge and expertise?

Hear the panel that consists of Mina Markham, Farai Madzima, and Derek Featherstone as they answer questions and provide thoughtful and useful answers to questions like how do we keep diverse talent and other topics covered in just under an hour at An Event Apart Denver. Moderated by Jason Ogle, who runs a terrific podcast and I suggest people in UX subscribe, become a patron, and support User Defenders.

The entire event was great to be able to attend, but this was one of the reasons why I took the trip to Denver and attend An Event Apart. Besides all the speakers and the three days of great content and great people, I wanted to be here live for this event.

The panel was made up of three people that know their stuff in the industry and were a pleasure to meet and talk with. They had a alot of great things to say, a lot of great points were made, and the hour was a pleasure to have been able to have been there for.

Watch the video, soak it all in, hear what everyone had to say, take the information with you, and make your workplace a better one for everyone! I learned so much just by being in the fornt row and listening intently.

Well worth the travel, well worth the trip, well worth it all. I cannot express how fun this event was, how great the people were and how terrific the venue was as well.